Snap Carps Rules
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Anyone that sends a bet that we add to the game will win a Trip to Las Vegas and $2,000 to play.
Snap Craps is a game  in Casino, Home, Online and App formats in computerized and manual versions.
Table stakes are set by host and are fully  customizable from play for fun, to live wager bets.
Table stakes set the max bet per individual bet.  In other words if you are playing at a $5 table, your chips are all $5 chips. You can bet one chip on as many individual bets as you like BUT you can only bet one chip per bet.
Players have different color chips similar to roulette for simplicity.
You can only bet when the ON button is up , this is a very fast pace game and time to clear the board will be required, so no bets can be laid when the button is on off. The computerize version will be faster than the Manual version.  But time will be needed and some plays may be missed due to time constrants.
The game host makes the final call and said call is final. The game can not be held up due to disputes.
SnapCraps will normally be a live game however dated games could be played, as well as computerized games built from statics of dated games. Example 2 World Series Champs could play each other on the online computer version.
The game host can make or change rules and remove rules as he sees fit, at some point prior to the start of the game,  purpose is to be a fully customizable game.  SnapCraps can be ordered with your selection of bets.
The host has 3 black (NO BET) chips that he can place on any betting block prior to the ON button being turned. And there will be no betting allowed on those blocks .
The host has 3 -  X3 chips and 3- X2 chips and can place any betting block at any time. And the ODDS will increase respectively. Example a X3  chip that hits will make bet that was 2 x 1 will payoff 6 x 1 .
The host has 3 - 1/2 chips will cut the printed odds in 1/2 and must be placed before the on button is ON.
After each play the winning blocks will be marked with markers and the OFF button turned to OFF, and the winners paid.  The host then places any special chips and turns the ON button to ON for the next play.

In baseball each bet is on the next pitch of the ball, with the exception of the
per batter and the 1/2 inning bets.
There will be a free version of the game online and in the app format.  These free sites will offer free trips to Costa Rica and other tropical Locations through the www.GringoHunt.com.